sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010



I had a opportunity to talk something about my live in church. 
After service some people came to me to talking about their lives and asking me to prayer for their heart. You can read my testimony below: 

I would like to tell you something about my life. My name is Pirre, I'm from Brazil and I live in  Rio de Janeiro.
I was born in a poor family.
My dad left us when I was four years old. My mother needed to work a lot to supply my needs.
When I was 13 I got involved with bad people. At that time I started to smoke to drink and made many bad things but every time I remembered my mother. Then I left the criminal life and one day I was an Army Sargent in Brazil and I could help my mother.
Unfortunately when I left the Army my mother sold our house and after that I had to live on the Streets. One old lady invited me to live with her.
I was very angry with my mother because I thought She had betrayed me.
One day when I was walking on the Street i saw my mother and She said to me: How are you? I answered: Are you asking me: How are you? 
You are lucky because I didn't bring my gun. My desire is shoot down your face.
I was very angry with her.
Time passed then I went to a church and I heard something about forgiveness.
I understood that forgiveness is not for the other person but for myself. Then I made a decision that I wanted to forgive my mother and my dad too. So I forgave them and told her that I loved her so much.
Later on She was very sick and I took care of her for a long time.
She died in 2004 and I don't have any bitterness inside my heart because I know that God forgave me and I can forgive others.
Forgiveness is not for the others people but for us.
Jesus Said:  " For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." (Matthew 6.14-15)
Forgiveness is not for the other person as it is for you!
Now I have my own house.
Forgiveness can change our lives. Do you believe in it?

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Anônimo disse...

Que bênção! Deus o abençoe, Pierreee!!!


Anônimo disse...

So short, but so true. And how hard it is to forgive sometimes... May Jesus' love fulfill our hearts so powerfully that we are able to forgive all of those who we insist in keeping imprisioned due to the hardness of our hearts and lack of forgiveness.

Anônimo disse...

Legal, Pierre, mas eu gostaria de ter ouvido seu testemunho inteiro! E que inglés bom, hein! Gostei!


Anônimo disse...

Tudo Bem? agradável este site está muito estilo:)
Adorei Continua assim !!

Anônimo disse...

Bom dia muito bem estruturado post , adorei bastante, penso que poderiamos tornar-nos blog palls :) lol!
Tirando as piadas sou o Nataniel, e como tu publico paginas embora o tema da minha página é muito distinto de este....
Eu escrevo sites de poker sobre ofertas grátis sem ter de fazer depósito sem teres de por do teu bolso......
Adorei imenso aquilo vi escrito!